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These general conditions regulate the intermediation contract for the reservation and contracting of services in any means of transport, hotel services, day tours, transportation, cruises, shows and/or any other similar service, be it in Argentina or abroad, rendered by Ríos Ar S.A. at the request, and by order of, the client retaining the services.



Accommodation in the hotels mentioned in the itineraries, or similar, in single, double or triple rooms, as the case may be, with private bathroom and tax included. Meals as agreed in each case. Day tours and visits as required by the passenger. Transportation to and from airports, terminals and hotels, when applicable. The agreed duration of the stay, bearing in mind that hotel accommodation days are computed starting at 3 pm and ending at 12 noon the following day, irrespective of the time of arrival or departure or whether they are full or partial days. The duration of the tour as stipulated in each case. The first day shall be the day of departure from the port of origin and the last day shall be the day of departure from the destination, irrespective of the time of arrival or departure the first or the last day.




The Company reserves the right to expel from the tour at any point any passenger whose behavior, attitudes, state of health or other serious reasons which, at the sole discretion of the Company, should entail a danger, or bother the other passengers or undermine the success of the tour or its normal course


In the case of travel abroad, the pertinent current legislation must be complied. It shall be the passenger’s sole responsibility to check current migratory legislation and to submit the documents required by the authorities. The organizer shall not be liable for the lack of personal documents or for their state or validity at the time of travel, nor for the damages or losses resulting from it.Mandatory documents to be submitted by ARGENTINE citizens at the time of travel:

  • National Identity Document
  • Passport
  • MERCOSUR ID Card issued by the Federal Police (the respective valid dates apply in all cases)

    • 1. Minors less than 18 years old shall travel accompanied by their parents, who shall certify the relationship by submitting the original MARRIAGE or BIRTH CERTIFICATE. If minors travel alone or accompanied by only one parent, they shall submit an AUTHORIZATION by the parents issued by a Notary Public and certified by the Professional School of Notaries Public.
    • 2. In the event one of the parents is deceased, the surviving spouse shall submit the death certificate together with the minor’s birth certificate or, otherwise, a marriage certificate where both circumstances are registered. To read the requirements for the travel of minors, please click here.
    • 3. In the case of foreigners living in Argentina, they shall require the same documents as nationals, with the caveat that if they are traveling with their National Identity Document they shall be required to be permanent residents of Argentina. If they are foreigners coming from countries for which the Eastern Republic of Uruguay requires a VISA, they shall carry the passport of their country of origin bearing the corresponding consular certification. FOR A LIST OF COUNTRIES WITH A VISA WAIVER AGREEMENT, click here.
    • 4. Passengers coming from bordering countries and traveling with ID cards shall submit a current certificate of entry into Argentina
    • 5. Pursuant to Resolution DNM 899/13 relating to admittance and stay in Argentina, at the time of check-in in Buenos Aires foreign passengers shall submit the Migratory Card (Tarjeta Migratoria) with which they boarded in the port of origin or, in the event said card was lost or the allowed stay in Argentina was exceeded, passengers shall submit a certificate authorizing them to leave the country (Certificado de Habilitación de Salida) with proof of the penalty paid. Passengers shall not be boarded if they do not submit the above documents.

This information is only indicative. Please see the list of documents that are required to travel at the National Migration Agency (Dirección Nacional de Migraciones) or visit their webpage Get the visas that are necessary to travel at the corresponding consulate.


  • a) In the event either the passenger or the agency renounce the services that had been contracted and confirmed, the cost of packages shall not be reimbursed if the trip is not taken, unless the Company is directly responsible. The services shall be open for a period of six months after the date of purchase, but shall be readjusted if there is an increase in rates, and shall be subject to the conditions and penalties that the providers of the services might impose depending on the date the services were cancelled.
  • b) Rios Ar S.A. shall not be liable for the services that were not used by passengers at the time and in the manner agreed, nor for the consequences of such failure, such as the cancellation of the services by the provider, nor for the refund or reimbursement of any amounts paid for such services.
  • c) In the event the cancellation involves air-travel tickets, hotels, cruises or car rentals, upon requesting it passengers shall accept the conditions imposed by the regulations of said providers, and shall pay an administrative charge of ten percent (10%) as a percentage of the rate to be reimbursed.
  • d) Date changes: All changes in the dates as stipulated in the reservation of air-travel tickets, hotels, cruises and car rentals, be it for an earlier or later date, shall be made pursuant to the manner, conditions and availability of each service provider. If it should correspond, a penalty imposed by the provider shall be paid, plus an administrative charge of ten percent (10%) of the total amount of the purchase as charge. Any rate differences that should apply due to a change of season shall also be paid. Rios Ar S.A. is released of all liability in the event it cannot confirm the changes requested by the passenger.
  • e) Any claim or reimbursement of money for services that were contracted and used shall be submitted within 90 days of the ending of the trip, by email to the address, with any vouchers or backing documents attached. Rios Ar S.A. shall pay no charge and/or cost and/or tax and/or lien resulting from the bank transfer or similar means used to implement the return and/or reimbursement


Buquebus Rios AR S.A. – Record No. 6675, Regulation 271 20/03/89, expressly declares that it acts in its capacity as intermediary in the reservation and contracting of tourist services between the consumers and the providers of services, such as hotels, passenger transport companies, airlines, railway, maritime lines, wholesale agencies, restaurants or other such providers in general. The Company disclaims all liability for circumstances resulting from Acts of God, force majeure, delays, strikes, weather phenomena or acts of nature such as earthquakes, floods and quarantines, that take place before or after the tour and which prevent, delay or in any other manner hinder the total or partial rendering of the services to which the Company was committed, in compliance with the provisions of the Civil Code. Additionally, the Company disclaims any liability for losses, damages, accidents and faults in the services, or any irregularity that might affect the passengers or their personal belongings, if they were caused by third parties beyond the Company’s control. The organizer undertakes no liability whatsoever resulting from any changes in the schedule resulting from third parties such as airlines and bus companies.



This contract and, if such be the case, the rendering of the services, shall be governed solely by these general conditions, by Law 18,829 and its regulatory provisions and by the Brussels Convention approved by Law 19,918. These general conditions, together with the other documents given to the passengers, shall constitute the Travel Contract established in said Convention