Tips to travel by ferry from Buenos Aires
We can say that ferries are one of the greatest inventions ever, since they allow us to be on the other side of the river and in another country in only an hour. This is the case especially if you have are planning a trip to Argentina, because crossing from Buenos Aires to Colonia by ferry can be as pleasant as going on a tour, and at the same time, you can visit a new country in only one trip.

Argentinians use ferries constantly because they travel either for business or for pleasure. That is the reason why sometimes you may board the ferry with your camera and baggage and find other people carrying just two or three things in their hands. Anyway, this is just a detail and not the most important thing to take into account for your ferry experience from Buenos Aires to Colonia. For that reason we have prepared some tips for you to take as much advantage as possible and fully enjoy your journey.

If when you plan your trip to Buenos Aires you know beforehand that you will visit also Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, we suggest that you should buy a package tour with a discount. Check the Buquebus web page for further information.
The ferry can be a great option to do some shopping in the Duty Free Shop but remember to be in the front row before it opens in order to avoid long queues.
If you want to go around the city by bike you can take yours on the ferry or rent one, which can be included in the same package you buy in Buquebus.
In case your ferry arrival time does not coincide with the hotel check in time, you can find a safe place for your luggage at the bus terminal for only U$ 5.-
Most of the Uruguayan restaurants and hotels accept foreign currency. However, it would be advisable for you to have some local money to buy small things.
Uruguayan restaurants usually require clients a minimum consumption to pay with credit card.Check this amount beforehand or always take cash with you just in case.
Check your Internet connection possibilities on board so you can use your Smartphone during the journey.
Had you ever imagined that you would need to take into account so many things for a journey that lasts only an hour? The truth is that these are all important pieces of information you need to fully enjoy your ferry trip as much as your stay in Colonia.