A weekend in Uruguay
Vacations can be better if you find the way to change your plans. How? Do something for your weekend to be different. For example, if you are in Argentina you can think of going on a trip to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, changing your Latin American tour completely. This is not a crazy idea taking into account that many of the tourists visiting Colonia del Sacramento are Argentinian. Anyway the majority of them are people who decide matching both countries in the same tour during a period of vacations that lasts at least one weekend.
An example of this is what happened during the summer of 2015 when 57, 6% of the visitors to Colonia came from its southern neighbor country, that means 1.706.389 people, according to the information given by the minister of tourism Lilian Kechichian .
The number of visitors is 15% higher to the one recorded the year before during December and January and passing from one country to the other is definitely becoming a tendency. If you are in Argentina, you can also visit Uruguay.

Three days that are different

You can plan whatever you want to do! From a stay in a luxurious hotel with a swimming pool, all of the amenities, gastronomy and night activities in Colonia to a stay in a typical ranch taking advantage of open air activities and natural resources in the area.
The package “Colonia West “from Buquebus includes a stay in an executive room of the Colonia West Hotel with all the facilities for the visitor to enjoy. It also includes the transportation service to go and return from Colonia in what they call Buque Rapido for an amazing fare. The price of the experience is not higher than any other weekend plan you might have booked in Argentina before.
The most rural option is offered by the package in Estancia Don Joaquin, which includes the Buque Rapido, the stay with a full meal plan for three nights and all the activities that the place offers, as the canoe journey, sport fishing or bicycle and horse rides around the place for a unique price too.
The best part of it is that you can also incorporate a city sightseeing visit which offers not only an attractive historic trail walk but also an outstanding cultural, social and gastronomical variety. You will have more than an option to enrich your weekend with food and local shows involving yourself completely in all of the things that Colonia may show you in these little days.
Ending your day walking along the Colonia del Sacramento coasts makes everyday to be special, since the perfect sunsets make the urban landscapes turning into ones with unique colors.

It is said that the sun has another color in Colonia del Sacramento, you might go and see.