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Why to go to Montevideo?

Montevideo is the capital city of the Republic of Uruguay and the southernmost capital in America. Looking onto the coast of Río de la Plata, where both residents and tourists usually visit at different moments of the year spending afternoons on the boardwalk to receive the freshness of the water and rejoice in its changing colors.
Its architectural wealth, the gardens that decorate extended parks located in every neighborhood, the Seafront avenue so typical of the city, the fairs held at different city locations, and its streets filled with historic landmarks, make up a perfect excuse for a walk around, at the same time relaxing and fun.

How to get to Montevideo?

Every day, ships and ferries joining Buenos Aires and Montevideo moor every two hours at the Montevideo port bringing passengers and cars. A trip can be booked on the Buquebus online platform just stating the number of passengers and vehicles, whether motorcycles, cars or trucks, travelling in the ship’s hold. In addition, Buquebus offers the package "One Day in the Capital," that can be part of the Day Tour to Uruguay including tickets, tours and meals on the new vessel, Francisco, to take you to this destination with the best onboard service.Also, every year, over 120 international cruise ships arrive to the port with tourists eager to get to know the city and its hidden secrets.There is also the possibility to arrive by plane at the Carrasco airport, located 23 km from the capital, or by bus at the main bus terminal called Tres Cruces.

What to do in Montevideo?

Upon arrival in Montevideo the first thing we see from the Francisco vessel is the wide Port Seafront and the hectic pace of the Montevideo Port area, the arrival areas equally enjoyable for their views and because they lead to the Montevideo Hill and Fortress, both of them historic city icons.

Towards downtown, at Punta Gorda, a bike tour, an invigorating stroll or the Buquebus Tour Bus can take you to see spectacular gardens and imposing residences. Beaches extending along the 18 km of the Rambla de las Naciones Unidas boast amazingly white sands tempting passers-by to a refreshing splash or hours under the sun.

Those who come to Montevideo can't miss Ciudad Vieja (Old City) with its Constitución Park, the Main Church and, in the middle of it all, a water fountain made of Carrara marble that has presided over the area since 1871. Going south, the Port Market is the spot of choice to enjoy typical dishes of local

Tips for your travel to Montevideo:

Check the documents needed to enter Uruguay.(ver)

If traveling with a vehicle, check any additional documentation required.

The recommended budget is between US$50 and US$100 per day, per person.

Don't miss a visit to the food stands at the Port Market, where local artists bring their music or visual art works to enhance your experience in art and gastronomy.