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The international terminal with the best location and connections in the City of Buenos Aires.
Easy, quick and affordable access thanks to the modern transport network of the City of Buenos Aires.

All you will need is a SUBE card to get around the city on any means of transport. If you’re new to the city, you can acquire your SUBE card at any of the local Tourist Assistance Centers. You will need to show an identity card or passport and provide an email address and phone number to register and obtain your card. The Puerto Madero Tourist Assistance Center is very close to our Puerto Madero Buquebus terminal. For more information, please click here.
The “Metrobus del Bajo” is a network of bus stops spanning the length of two avenues: Alem and Paseo Colón.
From our Puerto Madero terminal, the closest point in this Metrobus is the intersection of Av. Alem and Av. Córdoba, 300 meters away.
Another option, even closer to Buquebus Puerto Madero, is the bus stop located at the intersection of Av. Córdoba and Av. Eduardo Madero. From here you can get the following bus lines: 105, 159, 180, 74, 146, 99, 146, and 140.
The urban bus system is available 24/7. Check this map to figure out which bus to take.
Closest to our Puerto Madero terminal is “Catalinas” station on subway line E.
“Correo Central” station, also on line E, and “Alem” station, on line B, could be useful as well.
Use the BA Subte app to check the status of subway services in real time and to see alerts about delays or interruptions. For orientation on to how to get around the city, check the map or use the "Cómo llego" function. The app also provides useful information about the stations (for example, about Wi-Fi connectivity, accessibility and restrooms) as well as the option of making a complaint if you encounter any issues with the subway service or at the stations.

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To go from Buquebus Puerto Madero to the Retiro train stations, you can simply find Av. Córdoba, turn right at the corner of Av. Alem and continue walking along the same street until you reach Retiro, or else you can get there by subway or bus.
In Retiro, you’ll find the following train stations: Línea Belgrano Norte, Línea Mitre, Línea Sarmiento.
Near Buquebus Puerto Madero, you’ll find two stations where you can pick up or drop off a bike. Please click here to find out more.
This service, part of the “EcoBici” program (download the EcoBici app) which will allow you to enjoy the city's numerous bike lanes, is free of charge and really easy to use.
On weekdays, you must renew the bike rental every hour, and on weekends and holidays, every two hours.
Remember you can also take your own bike with you on our ferry from and to Uruguay with no additional cost.

To download the app, click here: :
There are two bus stops close to the Buquebus terminal: stop no. 11, “Río de la Plata”, and stop no. 12, “Galerias Pacífico”.
There's a bus service every 20 or 30 minutes, depending on the circuit, and the ride around the city takes 3 hours and 20 minutes; the service includes a hop on/hop off feature so you can get on and off the bus as many times as you like.
The service is available every day (including holidays) from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can simply get on the bus at the stop most convenient to you and begin your tour. The frequency of these buses and the circuit they provide is subject to the city traffic, to weather conditions and force majeure events.
Tickets can be purchased at official box offices, on the buses themselves, or online by clicking here .

BA Cómo Llego

Use this interactive map app to figure out how to get around the City of Buenos Aires by bus, train, subway, bike, car or on foot.
To download the app, click here:

BA Planner

Use this app to discover what to do in the city—available activities include live music, performing arts, visual art, culture, trade fairs and sports events—and set up your own calendar.
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